How do I decide which wick to use?

The 2 main types of wick used in candle making are the cotton wick and the wooden wick. People typically use cotton wicks in making candles due to the low costs and consistent flame on the candles due to the nature of how the cotton wicks are being made.

Cotton Wicks

Cotton wicks are made of cotton fibers braided together and intertwined into a string which allow the slow absorption of the wax to the top for burning. These wicks are usually coated with a layer of wax to harden the exterior to assist in the candle making process. Do take note on the size of the wick you choose in the candle making process depending on how big the candle jar is. The diameter of the wick will determine how big/small the flame which may result in tunneling issues if chosen the wrong sized wick.

Wooden Wicks

Another up and coming type of wicks used in candle making is actually wooden wicks. These wicks allow the flame to “dance” on your candle with a nice crackling sound due to its nature. All good things come with a price. For candle lovers that are interested in wooden wicks, they will tell you the frustration that they have in relighting the candles due to the charred wood on the outer layer after first light.  

As much as both popular choices of wicks used in candle making have their pros and cons, it is entirely up to each individual’s preference on their candles. Both types of wicks require similar maintenance like trimming of the wicks and removing impurities that fell into the melted wax to ensure a better candle experience.


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