Candle Accessories


Extend the life of your favourite candles, by using the candle toolkit. 

Candle Snuffer: Use this accessory to extinguish a candle without risk of releasing black smoke into the open air, making your room smell smoky. Simply place the bell-shaped part of the tool over the flame to extinguish.

Wick Dipper: Use this accessory to dip your burning wick into the melted wax to extinguish the flame.

Wick Trimmer: This accessory provides you with a simple way to trim and maintain your wicks at ¼ inch (0.6cm) to help the candle burn more evenly and prevent soot formation.


Candle Snuffer: 17cm x 2.4cm x 0.4cm, 60g

Wick Dipper: 20cm x 1.7cm x 0.1cm, 16g

Wick Trimmer: 18cm x 6cm x 0.4cm, 78g

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