Zendle Candle Refills


Let’s do our part in creating a sustainable environment! Other than upcycling your used Zendle concrete vessels, you will now be able to fill them up yourself. Zendle candle refills are now available for you in 6 different scents.

– English Pear & Freesia
– Sea Salt & Mandarin
– Gardenia
– Lavender
– Lime Basil (New!)
– Sandalwood (New!)

How to enjoy the refills:

1. Remove as much of the wax in the vessel as possible. Clean and wipe dry (a small amount of hot water will help)
2. Remove candle refill from packaging.
3. Insert refill into the vessel.
4. Trim wick to 1/4 inch or 0.6cm.
5. Light the wick and burn the candle until the melt pool reaches the edge of the vessel.

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