Why did Zendle use cement jar to make candle?

Did your fingers ever get scalded with your beloved scented candle in hands, watching the flame dance on the wick? This is the reason why Zendle SG decided to omit this situation by using cement jar instead of the conventional glass jar to house your favourite scents. Like most people do, cement is perceived to be used only in the construction of your homes and is never associated with the word ‘beautiful’ when it comes to decorative items. With Zendle SG candles, we took the initiative to beautify the crowd’s assumption of a coarse and unpleasant looking material into something aesthetically beautiful that everyone would want to have in their homes! 

At Zendle SG, we know that one size does not fit all. To adhere to everyone’s preferences, we have made our candles available in multiple colours so that each of you can find the best ones that match and suit your home’s color theme.

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