3 tips to take great care of your candles and make them long-lasting

They said choosing a candle for your crib is like choosing a partner  – you’ll have to understand them well before you can know the right ways to maintain it. Here we collate some useful tips that will help you prolong the shelf life of your candles! 

Tip #1 – First burn should be melted till the edges of the jar

Always ensure that the first burn is thorough (and how to do that? Simply burn it for longer hours!) Our candles are made from double boiling the soy wax, adding essential oils, and lastly, solidifying them. The melting point is hence slightly different. Therefore, for the first burn, do ensure that you thoroughly burn the first layer of wax so that the next burn will be easier and much smoother. 


Tip #2 – Don’t blow out the flame

Many people will tend to blow out the scented candle, but did you know that it may not be the right thing to do? By blowing out the candle, you will usually see black smoke coming out from the wick and that may be harmful to your health. Better options to enjoy the scented candle as well as keeping your health in check is to use tools such as a candle snuffer or cover your scented candles with a lid right after you blow them out. 


Tip #3 – Remember to trim your wick

We know that many of you love to watch the flame dance on the wick while you reminisce on your good old times. To ensure that the flame will always dance this beautifully, you will need to trim it when it gets too long. Having a long untrimmed wick will contribute to a bigger flame, which leads to your candle burning faster than usual. Always remember to keep your wick at approximately 0.6cm-0.8cm length.

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